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Shade Sail Cleaning

​Regular shade sail cleaning ensures the full aesthetic value of the sail can be appreciated but also serves to ensure longer fabric life. Our shade sail cleaning services includes a cleaning process which delivers excellent visual results and maximum fabric life.

​All sails need to receive:

  • 24 hour soaking in mild detergent under gentle agitation.

  • Low pressure cleaning to remove unsightly dirt.

  • Treatment with a disinfectant solution to discourage return growth

The best way to how to clean shade sails is to take the sails down and place onto a flat surface (concrete is best). Wet the sails down first then apply sugar soap liquid that is free from chlorine or acid as the chlorine and acid will break down the fabric and stitching.

Apply the sugar soap generously with water and broom with hard bristle broom all over, then leave to soak for about ten minutes. If you have a water blaster, give the sail an even blasting but do NOT get to close to the fabric as you may damage the fabric or stitching . Water blast or hose both sides and hang over a fence or the like to dry. Make sure your sail is dry before re-installing.

Vinyl or water proof shade sails are a lot more delicate to clean. They have a special UV coating on them. It is best to wash by hand with a Vinyl cleaning product and use a sponge (no brushes) and rinse off well and dry flat.

After sails are dry take care putting them back up. Make sure the sails are under even tension while re-installing. If you are unsure please call us 0404 006 652 and we will re-install your sails.

Accredited Sails has a cleaning service, and depending on the colour, shade sails should be cleaned at least every two years.


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