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Shade Sail Maintenance

Our shade sail maintenance services include removal of sails over the winter months which:

  • Extends shade sail life by approximately five(5) years.

  • Allows heat onto walls and into windows reducing winter heating costs.

  • Prevents severe moss, mould and lichen build-up in sheltered areas over winter.

  • Eliminates shade Sail damage from winter storms or hail.

  • Allows for thorough inspection of all attachment points and correct tension.

When do I need to tighten my sails?

Shade sails and vinyl sails need to be very tight. If the sails start to look loose, flapping, get onto it straight away or they will get worse and may get damaged or start stressing the points or posts and cause even bigger problems.

If sails are on turn buckles or rope then it is very easy to pull or tighten yourself. Sometimes the fabric may still be loose after re-tensioning, this is because the fabric has stretched and you will need us accredited sails to re-set your wires on the sails. They have to be cut and the sail is pulled back out and the wires are then re-fixed.

The best thing is to have an Accredited Sails expert come past once a year and check all sails, points, post etc. or after any major storms and cyclonic winds it is important to take sails down if high wind warnings are issued.

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