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Shade Sail Repairs

The standard thread used in many early shade sails will often degrade in UV light, as a result these sails can fall apart after a number years. Our shade sail repairs services offers complete restitched with the latest UV stable thread to completely renovate your shade sail.

Repairing shade sails (Shade only) The most common thing with shade sails is the seams coming apart and the wires in the sails coming out. This is due to the stitching breaking down from sun ultra violet rays or the seams rubbing on other things like the roof, trees, fence etc. Mainly though it’s from older sails that have been sewn with standard thread.

All of our new sails from Accredited Sails are now sewn with Profiline thread that comes with a 10-15 year manufacturer’s warranty. If your sails do start to fall apart it pays to take them down immediately so they can be re-stitched before getting worse.

if left up the sail will break down quickly and may become too damaged to be repaired. All seams will be re-stitched with thread of your choice Profiline or cheaper cotton.

Other common damage to sails are where tree branches run on the sides of sails and rub the fabric from the wire, this is easy to repair. We use the same colour fabric and patch on seams, you don’t even notice.

If there are holes in the sails, a patch can sometimes look worse than the hole, it all depends on where the hole is.

Vinyl sails are very hard to repair. All repairs need to be done at the factory. If there are any major rips or holes, then it may be best to go through your home insurance. It pays to find out if your sails are covered by your insurance first, before any major accidents (storms) happen.

Accredited sails has a repair service and will do a full free insurance quote.

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